Babelang Kids

Babelang kids, is a program created exclusively for children 7-13 years old. Experienced teachers have developed a series of 9 month programs for kids only, lasting usually from September to May. The small groups designed by our professionals allow children to participate in a series of activities making the learning experience fun creative and easy.

Parents or guardians should be involved especially for children of younger ages. Registration and payments, log in the classroom, emailing potential homework, should be performed by an adult supervisor.

We advise parents or guardians to regularly contact the teacher to discuss the child’s progress, and to be somewhere near by in case of an involuntarily disconnection or other technical issues that may occur and the child is unable to handle.

We continually create new groups of various languages and levels. Therefore, if you don’t see a group class for a language or level that you are interested in registering your child for,  please contact us and we ll see if we can create a class depending on the demand of the specific program. Otherwise you have the alternative of registering for a private lesson. You can see the teacher’s schedule and availability below.