meet our teachers


Daniel Barluschke

French & English. Resides in the USA (GMT -5)

Daniel was born in Germany, grew up in France and holds a Bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Canada. He is perfectly trilingual in English, French and German. In addition to work experience in the non-profit sector, as well as the translation and pharmaceutical industries, Daniel has privately tutored both children and adults in French and English at different levels for years. Daniel is based in the eastern United States and enjoys sharing his passion for languages and culture with people from around the world.

Eleni Sotiriou

Chinese. Resides in Greece (GMT +2)

Eleni was born in Athens, Greece. She is currently studying International and European Relations at the University of Piraeus. She is highly involved in an organisation that promotes intercultural work experience to university students from around the world. She started studying Chinese when she was 10 years old and has since been passionate about the Chinese language and philosophy. She meticulously broadens her horizons by attending advanced language courses and interpretation sessions with Chinese officials. She has been teaching Chinese for the past few years an is eager to share her knowledge and passion for the Chinese culture with her students.

Poly Nikolakou

Chinese. Resides in Greece (GMT +2)

Poly was born in Athens on August 1974. She started studying Chinese when she was 9 years old. She graduated from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (Sub-Faculty of Philosophy, Phycology, and Pedagogy), and then she earned the MOFA Taiwan scholarship. She earned her post graduate degree (M.PHIL) in Chinese Studies & Philosophy, from Trinity Saint David of Wales. She has been honoured by Li & Fung Foundation, for her master degree thesis based on the book “Cambridge illustrated History of China” (P. Ebrey) and  “‘A cultural Atlas of China’ ( M. Elvin). She is currently working as an interpreter of Chinese and Greek Language. She also teaches Chinese Language & Philosophy since 1998, leading several students to successfully pass the HSK degree (academic level). She has translated several books from Greek to Chinese like ‘The three daughters of China’, ‘The battle of Marathon’, etc. She will soon present her own educational book series for Chinese learners,‘The simple way to learn Chinese’.

Stavros Kargas

English. Resides in Spain (GMT +1)

Stavros Kargas was born in the island of Lemnos, Greece. After a short stint in Athens, studying Journalism, he moved to South Africa to work in Development Research for six months, combining it with traveling for two months, covering 6000 km in Southern Africa. He then moved to London to study Politics & Modern History and obtained an MA in International Relations & Diplomacy at SOAS, University of London. Having worked in several different industries during his 14 years in London, he moved to Barcelona in 2010, where he freelances as an Intercultural Communication Consultant and Program Coordinator for American Study Abroad students. Stavros devises and delivers training courses, workshops and classes in English with emphasis on intercultural communication, career coaching, advertising and technology.

Asi Tsali

English and Greek. Resides in Greece (GMT +2)

Asi was born in northern Greece in 1993. Foreign languages have always been her passion. She has a degree in Translation and Interpreting (Greek, English, German) from the Ionian University in Corfu. In 2016 she attended Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich with the Erasmus student exchange program, where she studied North American History and Culture. She has obtained the Certificate of Proficiency in English, the Zertifikat in German and the ΚΠΓ certificate in Spanish. She currently resides in Athens, Greece.

Annette Goodman

English. Resides in Τurkey (GMT +2)

Annette was born in Seattle, in the United States. She studied at the University of Washington and got her CELTA in Bangkok in 2015. Since then she has worked with adults in Seattle (both one-on-one and as a classroom assistant) and children abroad. She worked for a year in Seoul and now teaches online and travels the world. She is currently in Poland and is delighted to be able to teach while being a digital nomad. She is prepared to teach young children as well as adults, and would be delighted to meet you!

Lydia Theodoropoulou

Brazilian Portuguese. Resides in Greece (GMT +2)

Lydia was born in Athens in July 1974. She has studied Surveying Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. She has always been interested in foreign languages and speaks fluently English, French, Italian and Spanish. Being interested in the Brazilian culture, she started learning Brazilian Portuguese in 2002. Married to a Brazilian musician, she has already visited Brazil several times and studied profoundly the Brazilian culture mainly through music capoeira and samba. She started teaching Brazilian Portuguese in 2010 and has already a long experience in teaching. She combines a variety of methods and uses her own teaching material , such as audio listenings, crosswords, videos and games.

Isabel Piñana

Spanish. Resides in Gran Canaria (GMT +0)

Isabel was born in the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), in December 1978. Compulsive reader and theatre lover, she studied Spanish Language, Literature and Culture in Salamanca. From 2005 to 2007 she had her Phd in Romance Languages and Literatures in Barcelona. In 2007 she joined a Spanish teacher training program in International House Barcelona. Since then she has been teaching Spanish in several places (Paris, Singapore, Barcelona, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria), and for several institutions and organisations such as language schools, Instituto Cervantes, German School of Las Palmas. Since 2008, she also works as a proofreader, combining editorial work with teaching.

Laura Mangoni

Italian. Resides in Barcelona (GMT +1)

Laura was born and grew up in Florence, the cradle of the Italian language. Languages are her main passion, and Italian has been her main focus and the common factor of her academic studies, working experiences and many of her hobbies. She studied Linguistics and Semiotics, with a specific focus on Italian Grammar. After receiving her Master’s degree in Copy Editing, she worked in several publishing houses in London and Florence. In the meanwhile, she took the DITALS (certification of the University of Siena to teach Italian as a foreign language) and started working as a teacher in Florence. Since 2011, she lives and works in Spain. During the last 8 years she has been working on web communications, managing content strategies and translations in varying languages. She is a student herself since 2 years ago she started to learn Modern Greek!

Florence Drayson

Greek. Resides in Athens (GMT +2)

Flo was raised in the lovely seaside town of Bournemouth in England and studied at the University of Reading. She studied Art and Psychology, with keen interests in developmental psychology and art education, so she takes a creative approach to her teaching. Flo gained a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification in January 2018. She then went on to teach English to children online from the UK. She has also worked in teaching and facilitating roles for people in the USA, Spain, China and the UK, in a range of settings including educational programmes in cultural centres, summer camps and weekly English lessons. After falling in love with the Athenian lifestyle she moved to Athens in February 2019, where she has continued teaching online and works at a language school.

Dora Botelli

Greek. Resides in Athens (GMT +2)

Hi everybody!! My name is Dora (yes, like Dora the explorer) and I am from Greece. I was born in 1992 and I live in the suburbs of Athens. I am a secondary school Greek teacher and last year I got my master’s degree in special educational needs at the University of Leeds in the UK. During my studies in the UK I had the chance to make friends from all around the world; it was when I said, “thank God I speak English and French”. As a Greek teacher I know that Greek is a difficult language to learn but, at the same time, one of the most beautiful ones. My goal is to help people learn this beautiful language and explore a great culture. Above all, languages are portals to get to know better the world we live in. I hope that I will help you discover all the little thing that make Greek a beautiful language and Greece a beautiful place (except for Mykonos, moussaka and souvlaki - not that all these are of a small importance!).

Paul Doherty

English. Resides in Sofia (GMT +2)

Paul, although coming from Ireland is based in Sofia Bulgaria. He has over 25 years experience teaching, tutoring and training and is currently working on a freelance basis. Prior to his coming to Bulgaria he taught in Hungary. He focuses on exam preparation courses and Business English. As a former Cambridge ESOL and IELTS examiner with 12 years experience, six as Exam Team Leader in Bulgaria, Paul has the practical experience in helping you prepare for the exams which you need to study abroad. He has a BA Hons degree in History and Education and has picked up several other certificates along the way. Paul believes that his students succeed because he guides them through the haze and confusion of the information and advice given by those who do not know what they are talking about or who don’t really care about their students. He has taught for some of the leading international Language schools, leading Universities in Hungary and Bulgaria and with students and companies at the top of Bulgarian and European business. He has also taught government leaders to the highest level during his time here. Paul is also involved in training programmes for business and teachers.